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Ons Tuis group extremely concerned about supplies during lockdown period

Older persons and the care facilities looking after them, like the Ons Tuis group, is very vulnerable during the outbreak of COVID-19 and the incidental lockdown of 21 days in South Africa.

“We are extremely apprehensive about the impact of the virus on the supplies and finances of our facilities,” says Mr Jaco Bothma, the Managing Director of Ons Tuis. “We continuously need items like soap, and cleaning and sanitary products, to manage the homes effectively, and even without the challenges of a worldwide pandemic affecting many older persons, it is difficult to secure enough funding. Our homes regularly host fundraising events to foresee in these needs, but we cannot host it during the lockdown period.”

The group, with homes in Pretoria, Parys and Mokopane, composed a list of the supplies they urgently need.

“Ons Tuis is concerned about the consequences if a resident contracts the coronavirus,” says Mr Bothma. “We have already created isolation sections at the various facilities to manage any such cases effectively, but are in need proper supplies to stock these sections.”

We call on any organisation, business or individual to consider donations to the Ons Tuis homes. Follow this link for a list of necessities and ways to donate to the cause.

Hannelie Fourie
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